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Well, it certainly has been an exciting few months! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Here in Canada the summer season goes by so fast that I just can’t get enough of the green grass, flowers, sunshine and of course camping.

I’ve been busy with my writing career and I’m happy to say that I have a new publisher. Books We Love is a Canadian publisher who approached me to work with them. I was more than excited to hear the offer. I’m currently writing like crazy. As most of you know who follow me, I write a little bit of everything; fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, erotica, historical, and now I’m writing suspense. Regardless of the genre it’s always about romance for me.

My newest novel, which is a romantic suspense will be out this fall!

The other thing you will find is that most of my past novels are now series. So, yes, for all of those who asked or wondered if there would be another book to go along with the one you read, yes there will be. The series names are Aliens and Gods, The Guardians, and Enchanting Love.

Be sure to visit me by leaving a message. Facebook, Twitter, and my website are the best ways to reach me. Oh, and be sure to sign up to receive my newsletters. I have some amazing contests running this year.

Stay tuned and watch for my books in your local bookstores and in the following places:

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