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Storm God Lawna Mackie
Storm God

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Riding Bareback -- Lawna Mackie

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Riding Bareback

Champion Steer Wrestler, Cade Galloway has no time for women, and certainly no time for babysitting the ugly duckling he remembers from his youth. His mother assures him the young lady has grown up since he last saw her, but he doesn’t hear. He needs to put all his energy into winning the competition at the Calgary Stampede.

Sophia Randall, strikingly gorgeous in a small black dress and stilettos departs the plane from Paris looking for her childhood crush. The cowboy who used to babysit her is to again watch out for her during this visit. She hopes the short vacation will ease the pain of losing her mother. Confident and independent, she has only one weakness. Cade. Knowing this might be her only chance with him, she throws caution to the wind.

The explosive brilliance of the nightly fireworks can’t compare to the sexual sparks between them. But life calls, leaving each on a different continent. Are the hot sexy nights and days spent together enough to melt the rugged cowboy’s heart or has Sophia just added more pain to injury?

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Here's what people are saying...

“Cowboy Up!! – Even if you don’t like country you will enjoy this ride. All rodeo’s need to be this much fun!! Enjoy!!”
-Melissa – Amazon Reveiw

“What a Beautiful Novella – From the time I started read this book I couldn’t’ put it down until I finished it. The love scenes were a little erotic, but very tasteful. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good short love story.”
-Shirley Wetmore “stitchinggma” – Amazon Review




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