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Storm God Lawna Mackie
Storm God

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Magic and Flames -- Lawna Mackie

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Magic and Flames
Enchanting Love - Series

Stumbling into the world of Enchantment brought Meeka everything she’d been searching for. Peace. Magic. A gorgeous knight in shining armour.

Kerrigan knows he should banish her from Enchantment, it’s his duty as the dragon-shifting Enforcer. But one thing stands in the way…his overwhelming desire for Meeka.

Can Kerrigan keep Meeka safe as his enemies strive to turn her into a weapon that will destroy all he is bound to protect?
Or will their passion override duty?

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What people are saying...

“Awesome! – Run, grab your digital devices and get this book! You will not be disappointed!

“This book pulled me in from the get-go. Lawna Mackie has such a fantastic imagination, which really shows in her world building. Lawna also does great, and stomach churning, descriptions of the evil areas and people in Enchantment. I had a hard time putting this book down. Thanks again for a wonderful, steamy love story!”

“Exciting and Different – I love how MAGIC AND FLAMES is so much different than so many other books I’ve read. The book was a fun distraction from every day life; whisking me away to a new world! Very cool!”




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