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Storm God Lawna Mackie
Winter Kill

Storm God Lawna Mackie
Storm God

Stone and Ice Lawna Mackie
Stone and Ice

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Storm God -- Lawna Mackie

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Storm God
Gods & Aliens –Series

Raven knows no one will believe her. Giant tiger-like creatures did not just leap from the clouds, and invisible forces do not just save your life during Sahara Desert sandstorms. Impossible, they always said, scolding her at the age of twelve. Ten years later, Raven knows the impossible is possible, and finds herself tormented with many unanswered questions concerning her birth and her mother’s mysterious disappearance. Perhaps falling in love with Nevar, an emotionless and bodiless Storm God isn’t a good idea, but the attraction they feel for one another is impossible to deny. Soon it becomes clear that he is the only one who can unravel her puzzling past and perhaps save her life. But an evil Sea Goddess knows exactly who Raven is, and even more importantly…what she is.

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What people are saying...

“Amazing read! – This was a great book! The characters and creatures are so imaginative, and engaging.”

“An Unlikely Story that Works – A story about a storm god, a fluffy cloud cat and throw in a little mermaid and talking sea horse for good measure? This is not Little Mermaid re-visited, but rather a very interesting tale about Raven, a young woman who has grown up seeing a tiger in the clouds and how she falls in love with a storm god. Her past is a mystery as Nevar, the storm god helps her uncover the secrets about her birth, her heritage and her family.”

“Fall In Love With Romance – It had been a very long time since I’d read a romance novel. Reading Lawna’sSTORM GOD was an incredible ride back into the genre. With the added thrill of the mystery of the fantasy genre, it was the perfect story to fall back in love with the romance novel! Following Raven on her adventures from one world to another was the perfect read for the end of the day! Steaming and exciting, with tons of the unexpected! Loved this book!”




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