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Storm God Lawna Mackie
Winter Kill

Storm God Lawna Mackie
Storm God

Stone and Ice Lawna Mackie
Stone and Ice

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Magic and Flames -- Lawna Mackie

Winter Kill -- Coming Sep. 2015.

To most people, Pippin Bartlett seems to have an ordinary life living in New York as a young successful author. But only a few people know the truth…

At the age of twelve, Pippin was abducted by her mentally ill father who went on a killing rampage in the process to kidnap her. She finds herself being rescued outside the small town of Snow Lake, where ex-sniper and FBI Agent Matt Lalor, shoots and reportedly kills the man.

In New York and writing under the alias name of Avery Woods, Pippin’s words lessen the impact of the terror she lived that should be left in the past. The problem is the fan letters she receives. Not just any fan, but one that claims to be her father who is determined to finish the job he started ten years ago.

Matt Lalor has secrets of his own. A career that ended badly and one he wishes to forget in any way possible. He lives his life in a remote cabin in Snow Lake where at all costs, avoids people. For the most part he succeeds in being private, until the day he is required to save the ten year old girl from her lunatic father. Matt never misses a shot, and believes full heartedly that the man from ten years ago is dead, but when full grown Pippin Bartlett shows up in a snowbank on his property, his world is turned upside down. She’s being hunted by a killer for a second time and Matt refuses to let harm come to her. What he hadn’t expected was the fearless and sassy beautiful woman to capture his broken heart in the process.

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