My romantic fantasy PERFECT MISFITS is going free tomorrow March 20, 2013 for five days on Amazon.

When I put Quinn’s Christmas Wish up for free in November I managed to hit #1 in Historical Romance for free kindle books!… Continue reading

The Angel’s Assassin ~ Medieval Romance At Its Finest!

I can’t say that I’ve ever know anyone from Warwickshire, England! Welcome Samantha Holt. It’s nice to have you visiting today.

Wow, that’s quite the cover. I know I’ll be heading over to pick up this free book today. Well,… Continue reading


A couple weeks ago I blogged about having a new addition to my family, well, Pepper is her name and she’s already giving me inspiration to write.

I thought she would be black, but not so. The two little kittens… Continue reading

Hoping for a new addition to our family!

I’ll start by saying, NO I’m not having a baby…two-legged one that is. I’m looking for a kitten. Right now my hubby and I have an Alaskan Malamute, a Bichon Shizu, and Mandarin who is a Bengal cat. Does… Continue reading

What’s Your Animal Totem?

According to native Indians, everyone has an animal spirit guide. The question is typically what animal?

A couple years ago while I was in Whistler, British Columbia, my husband and I popped into a local artist’s studio. Her beautiful sculptures… Continue reading